Frames and Sunglasses-Uniquely Made

Our Work

3D Scan Your Face

Using our 3D camera to capture your features

Design Process

Preview your fit, style a frame, and upload your prescription all in one

Made to Order

The clock starts now

Special Delivery

The most perfect fitting frame

Our Promise

Uniquely Made For You

Sculpted to fit your face and prescription

End-To-End Quality

Crafted with care using the latest technology and premium materials

Environmentally Friendly

If frames are made to order, there will be no need for Mass Production.


Your frames are the only ones I’ll ever trust with my eyes.” — Justin Thomas Co-Owner Studio Meraki Portland

“I get compliments on the eyewear you already did for me. Now I’m going to go broke cause I love all the color options.” — Jeffrey Thaxton Seattle

“These are perfect and the best fitting frames I’ve ever worn” – Sam Levine New York

What don’t you like about your current glasses?